Alanis Desilets And Alicia Moffet Friendship Ended

Breaks are not just for couples; friends also sometimes put an end to their relationship. This is what happened to the trio Apeachniss, consisting of Alanis Desilets, Alicia Moffet and  Catherine Paquin. If the one nicknamed Peach and the former candidate of Occupation Double are still BFF, this is no longer the case of the one who participated in  La Voix in 2015.

The rumor was launched while Alanis and Catherine have unfollowed Alicia and her new boyfriend, Alex , while Alicia has unsubscribed from her two friends on Instagram. Alanis even deleted from her account all the photos where the youtubeuse appeared and explained in stories her need to become more authentic, suggesting a change in her relationships. From the noise that runs, the brunette has already left the apartment of the blonde, she who had built in the spring , and the new friend of his former roommate would be no stranger to this breakup of friendship.

"Yes, all that is true," Alanis told us when asked if the rumors were true. So this is the end of the trio, but we will continue to follow, just like Alicia, just separately!

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