Alicia Moffet Takes Stock of Her Break With Alanis

It's been almost two weeks since Alanis Desilets confirmed the rumors that she was no longer friends with Alicia Moffet and that their famous trio formed with Catherine Paquin was gone, although she and Peach remain BFF.

In a video released to take stock of her lack of YouTube and the changes that have occurred in her life in recent months, including a new lover , the candidate of the third season of La Voix explained her silence of the last days compared at this friendly breakup: "  It's just because it's a situation where I have an opinion and they have an opinion, and I do not want to start giving you our different opinions. I think it's really not necessary, so I think we just want to keep that for ourselves, a little bit. "

The old friends had not been following each other on social networks for some time now, but their shared photos have since been quickly removed from Alicia's Instagram account, as Alanis and Catherine had done, leaving only a vague memory of this. Friendship that we saw born and died. "  Still, I really have a lot of respect for those two girls," says Alicia. There are things in life that make you no longer stand together. We do not live together either, for those who were wondering, so I would really like you to respect that. You know now that we no longer live together and that we are no longer necessarily friends. It really pains me too, but that's it. "

The young singer, however, has a ton of projects coming up, including a studio recording session with a producer. The rest remains secret for the moment, as is often the case for influencers, but certainly, the future shines brightly for Alicia Moffet.

" Despite everything that has happened, I'm really happy, I'm good, life is good, so that's the important thing," she says.

Cool Raoul, as young people say!

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