She's The New Best Friend of Alicia Moffet!

While we believed in an eternal friendship, Alicia Moffet and Alanis Desilets confirmed last month that their relationship was officially over. The youtuber had also said a few weeks later that she no longer lived with her former best friend.

But the water under the bridges flowed and the hearts were patched. It was finally on Instagram that the young candidate of La Voix 3 unveiled the identity of her new best friend. Her eyes are blue, she has a hallucinating hair ... say hello to Zara!

This beautiful two-month old Australian Shepherd baby has come to join the precious Kinz cat in her kingdom, and for now, everything seems to be going well! The two new friends have also benefited from their own Instagram account so that their lives on all fours can be immortalized and shared in peace with those interested. Needless to say, we have already subscribed!

Congratulations to Alicia and her lover for their new beautiful daughter!

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